Routing in breadboard

Hi there, I just started with an amplifier in a circuit diagram (

When I now look at the breadboard there’s nothing routed. Do I have to route this “by hand”?

My version of fritzing (Version 0.9.2 with debian unstable) isn’t able to publish projects? Is this normal with this beta-version?

So I took to questions in one thread, I hope this is no problem.

Are you implying that you built the circuit in your schematic view and the wire dont transfer to the breadboard view?

Could you share a .jpg of your setup as I don’t have access to fritzing right now.


I’ve opened your project file. It looks as if you’ve only completed your schematic. So in breadboard view, you’ll have to hookup those wires yourself. OR if you already have this running on a protoboard, I’d go right into PCB layup and be done with things. But that’s just me.

The simple answer is, yes. You will have to do some wire layout by hand. The PCB side of things has an autorouter. I prefer to layout things by hand myself. This is something I never trust the computer with, and it looks better.

As for publishing. What are you talking about exactly? Share online, order a pcb, export gerber files? Not sure of your exact question. If you could elaborate a bit more that would be great.


@landracer, Thanks for your answer, I meant the share online functionality, which doesn’t work!