Rounded trace corners

Is there a way to get a nicely rounded trace? A can produce a rounded trace by first setting
the grid size to for instance 0.1 , but still I cannot make a nicely rounded corner this way.

Rounded traces can be created by holding Ctrl will pulling in the middle of a trace.

With one point, there will be one thin white line to indicate a direction from one of the connectors:

To further modify, grab it near the other connector, a second line will be shown.
If you pull it such that both lines are orthotogonal and about the same length,
it will result in this sharper bend:

Thank you very much Kjell! It works like a charm.

While applying the rounded corners I stumbled across this problem when “copper fill” is used:

What can I do to get those areas filled?

I am getting the uncomfortable feeling that this is a bug in Fritzing…

I think it has an issue open on github (I remember seeing one but can’t immediately find it, which may be because it is thought to be fixed and the original closed. Looks so, see closed issue #3932 which was closed as fixed in Friting 1.0.0. If you are using a Fritzing later than that you should report this as a bug (otherwise upgrade to 1.0.2 which is the current version and see if it still occurs!)


That is clearly an old version of Fritzing. Please try the official build from, which has these issues fixed (also the stripes in the copper fill)