Rocker DPDT Switch part required


hello everyone,

I’m looking for rocker dpdt switch (6 pins) in fritzing but had no luck finding it. I’m going to solder this switch onto my pcb. can someone help me with the part or create a new one for me if it isnt available? i’m attaching pictures for reference.

Thanks in advance.



To make a part we would need the data sheet with the dimensions of the switch. This doesn’t look like it will fit on a pcb, are you intending on using wires to connect to the pcb? The rectangular pins are a problem as Fritzing doesn’t do well with slots in pcb. Wires make life easier …



Thanks for the quick response, Pete. Since im new here, Fritzing isnt allowing me to attach more than one pic. I do have the dimensions for the switch. I’ll add it once i’m allowed to do so. I don’t intend to use wires and was planning to solder it onto the pcb. now i’m confused whether to solder or use wires :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:



Though perhaps not something of interest but, you can make a Rectangular/other shape Cutout and Pad.

For the Cutout - it’s done in a custom pcb and loaded into Fritzing as the PCB.
For the Pad, use a “Copper Image” part in Fritzing’s parts bin with a simple graphic.

Naturally, the PCB’s cutout needs to be done after knowing where it (or ‘they’ if more than one) need to be placed…

Example below showing one Cutout with a Copper Pad.

For info on how… look at several of my posts on the subject…


It is possible to make slots in pcb, but it isn’t easy (I have never managed to do so, but I don’t often make boards.) Assuming the switches will mount on a panel wires are more flexable, if the switches solder in to the pcb removing a broken switch may mean unsoldering all the rest of the switches to get the broken one out. As well there is little room for error on panel cutouts, with wires you can move the switch a bit. Things to consider.



FYI - Agree - sorta… Because I CNC Mill my boards, I can (and do) make many with various cutouts for mounting onto the 3D cases and mounts I make. Sure, corners get Radius’d (not a big deal). If sending boards out for fab, Lasers used by fab houses cut nice nearly sharp corners…
Haven’t needed to replace one yet.