Robert Heller / Deepwoods Software

Hello, I am Robert Heller, a software programmer working deep in the woods in Wendell, MA. I also am a Model Railroader and I also dable in electronics. I have written an open source software package for Model Railroading and have designed some circuit boards for Model Railroading (mostly “HAT” boards for the Raspberry Pi).

I am retired from working at UMass as a computer programmer and in the copious spare time I have been doing things with various small MCU boards (Arduinos, Adafruit Metro, Metro Mini, and Feather M0 Express, and most recently the TTGO-T1 (an ESP32 board).

Visit my company websites: and for more info about my open source projects.

Welcome aboard Robert! I’m sure the community can use expertise from another angle. Love the Linux :wink: Thanks for joining us, hope you’ll stick around. Feel free to jump-in maybe fork the github repo, make fritzing great again. Anything helps. Looking forward to having you around.

Welcome aboard! Good, timing too :slight_smile: , after a couple of years of nothing development on Fritzing is being restarted (we hope anyway) with a new release planned soon. Some of the folks are working on a new parts editor done in javascript, and the main code base in C++ and Qt is always in need of people to help out.


I havn’t done much GUI programming in C++ – I do all of my GUI programming in Tcl/Tk. I’ve never worked with Qt at all. Most of the C/C++ GUI programming I have done was with Xaw and Motif (yes, that is how long ago I was doing graphics programming in C and C++).

How does one build the application from source. I don’t see any build script(s), Makefiles, or CMakefiles. (I can’t run the available linux binary since the version of libc on my CentOS 6 system is too old).

There is a topic about that somewhere here, but I guess we will have to wait for Van because he wrote the post.