Right Angle Connector


I am trying to make a small pcb with a 3 male leg right angle (90º angle) connector that can plug into a breadboard or PCB etc.
I have all the parts I need except for the 3 leg male right angle connector.
I have searched through the parts I have in Fritzing but apart from already assembled sensors with the legs I desire, I cannot find just the legs.

Obviously I am very new to Fritzing, sorry.

Can anyone please help me?
Thanks and kind regards,

The parts factory doesn’t make right angle headers so here is a 1 pin ra header part that you can duplicate and move 0.1in to make multiple pin ra headers.

the pin shows on silkscreen in pcb view so you know how the pin aligns.

1-pin-ra-header.fzpz (4.1 KB)


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Thank you so much.
Have a great 2024.