Richard Bruneau parts


I’m a new user trying to find Omnigatherum parts but find it impossible to locate them to download. Any help would be appreciated. Greg


Which specific parts? Some of them were apparently put in core or the google repo (which was lost) and are not downloadable from his site anymore. A google search for “fritzing part part-name” may turn up an alternative.



Vanepp thanks for replying. I’m after the 4 relay board. It’s in his 5th set of components. Greg


Vaneep I found a link in the text on his page so I have the board I needed, but most of the parts don’t have links. Thank you for your time. Greg


That one is present. You need to click on the link then right click and save page as to get the fzpz file (below).
Now file open in Fritzing and select the fzpz file will load the part in to your mine parts bin ready for use.

4_Channel_Power_Relay_v2.fzpz (252.4 KB)

the ones without an active link are more challanging.



How do we do get the more challenging ones.


A google search for something similar is a good start. If you see a hit that points to the Fritzing projects pages, you usually won’t find the part itself but if you download the .fzz project file (assuming it has one) and it has the part you want, then a copy of the part should be in the temp parts bin (if it isn’t then the part is in core parts). You can drag it from the temp parts bin to the mine parts bin or right click it and save the .fzpz file for the part. Note making parts is fairly complex, and some of the found parts are either broken or incomplete so always check the gerber output before ordering pcbs (making sure the hole sizes are correct and the part renders properly in the gerber). If you find broken parts, feel free to post a link and a request for help and a number of us will try and fix them up for you.



Peter many thanks for your help much appreciated. I will peruse the Github.