RHT03/DHT22 pinning

I’m new in this Group but I think there is a problem with the Temperature/Humidity-Sensor Type RHT03/DHT22 in the Core-Library.
Fritzing Version 0.9.6

The device is a 4-Pin device - Pin 3 is NC. The Schematic only shows 3 Pins. This might be OK!
But pin 3 is NC (not connected) -> GND is at pin 4 ! (In the schematic the pin numbers are not marked - this might be OK too).
But: When I’m using the Breadboard - GND is connected to Pin 3 and NOT to Pin 4!
Therefore the Breadboard will not work.


I’m a little be confused, because the Pinning is correct at these websites.

It appears that the part in core parts is slightly wrong. They have made pin3 (which is no connection) ground the same as pin4. Pin3 is present in schematic, it is just overlaid on pin4 as ground (and either pin will connect to the ground pin in schematic.) As pin3 in NC (no connection) this shouldn’t matter. However Adafruit has an alternate (correct!) part in their Fritzing repository on github available here:

Adafruit maintains there own library of Fritzing parts that is not be default loaded in to Fritzing.