RF Module 433 MHz

Hello, any 433MHz transmitter / receiver module?

there are a number available. Type 433 mhz in the forum search box (the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen). There is at least one in the Sparkfun section of core parts that is incorrect (the pins are .1 to short on one leg) but I posted a corrected one in this forum a while back.


Hi, I can’t find where you posted it. Could you please share direct link?

Yep it is a bit obscure :slight_smile:


It is actually this one in core parts (bottom part with red circles)

and the one in core parts is still incorrect as I don’t think I ever updated it. On the one in core parts some pins don’t have connections and the pins are 0.1in too short. As I recall it is a retired product so Sparkfun doesn’t sell it any more.