Restore the position of windows and icon parts

How can I restore the position of Parts, Instector windows to the places where they were the first time after installation and how to restore the order of icon categories in the Parts Core window, Mine, Arduino, SparkFun etc. I have changed the order by manually dragging the icons but I want to reset everything to be just like after installation but reinstalling (portable version) does not help, it also does not help to delete Fritzing folders in Docs and AppData. Where are the information about windows and order in the Parts window saved, how to reset them?

Reinstalling the code from the zip file (I’m not sure what a “portable version” is) and deleting both the user directories (which are not changed during a reinstall to preserve your sketches) should get you back to the initial state. You might try deleting the directory that Fritzing installs in to in case there are files being left around in that directory although I’ve not seen that as a problem before.


It did not help. It turned out that the Fritzing directory is in the registry and all settings of windows, icons, etc. are saved in it.

Interesting, I didn’t know that. The theory has always been that all the data is in either the user directories or the fritzing directory. I guess I’ve never needed to reset the position of the bins and thus never noticed it.


Assuming you figured out how to cure it, please post what you did in case someone else hits this in future.