Resizing Stripboard - cropping from left?

Is there a way to crop/resize a stripboard board, but cropping from the left?

I probably made a rookie mistake and laid my parts out on the far right of the board.

Maybe rotate it 180º, crop, and rotate back.

I’ll give it a play.

Yeah it works.

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Yea Old Grey, good idea… “rotate”:laughing:

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Never would have thought of that!

I thought it was going to work, but when I resize the board it correctly removes from the right but the wire jumpers get all messed up.

Holly crap your right.

There is a big bug there because jumpers go crazy even if you don’t rotate it.

I have noticed that FZ doesn’t like board changes after the original selection.

Parts are fine but wires are crazy.
I guess you could print screen and have the pic next to the board as a reference to putting the wires back.

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