Resistor with the edges of the large holes

hello, i need a resistor with the edges of the large holes (see attached image). how can I do ?
thank you

If you locate that specific resistor part file for editing (or a simple export). Then you can edit ‘said parts file’ inside a vector graphics program such as inkscape. Search for turtorials there are plunty of links on the forums. Then inside inkscape you can adjust the ring thickness, save as new file, then you can import the corrected file as a new resistor part inside fritzing. Or a simple workaround is to place final via’s over those holes with the corrected hole size&ring thickness. This is far less work and should work just fine. Yes a crude workaround, but works. Not a good solution if you plan on using this part all the time.

What is the diameter of the standard resistor holes?
I’m using stand up 1/4 W resistors with .091" diameter leads.
(1/8 W resistors are only .067" dia.)

Correction 1/8 W leads are .45mm dia.
1/4 W leads are .55 mm dia.

but I speak of the diameter of the copper. not of the hole for the resistance.

see the attachment .

Find VIA, and change it in the Inspector box bottom right.