Resistor value selection is really limited

For some reason the selection of resistor values is quite limited. I have, for example, 4.3K resistors in my possession but Fritzing denies their existence? Does Fritzing consider different values of resistor as completely different parts or are they the same parts but the colour bands are changed?

In Inspector/resistance, just type in the value you want and press return.

Thanks. I was pretty sure I’d tried hitting return but I guess not since it works fine.

Incidentally though, setting the pin spacing to anything other than default seems to have no effect. I was hoping to get it to stand up vertically but it just stays flat like it was the moment it was dragged into existence.

In BB view those things don’t change. You can make them longer with the bendable legs but not shorter. In PCB view click on the resistor and in Inspector go to pin spacing, and from the drop down menu pick 100mil stand-up upright.

The resistor is a complicated part that uses spice modeling… We just figured out a couple of days ago on how to create any bb image and still use the spice model. I will work on you stand up vertical resistor later on today…

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One vertical resistor… Resistor-Vertical.fzpz (4.9 KB)

After import… save bin, close and reopen FZ to make sure the resistor properties are loaded…