Resistor not creating holes in pcb

Hello all,

Working on my first pcb project. My breadboard view, schematic, and pcb look good. However, when I go to fabricate, it shows that no holes will be drilled for the three resistors. (maybe i have selected a resistor that gets soldered to a pad?) If so how do I change this to a simple resistor that requires two holes like in the breadboard layout? Thank you!

Your best bet is to upload the .fzz file of the sketch. It looks like the resistors are custom parts rather than core parts, and thus may be wrong but it is impossible to tell from just pictures. Upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu.


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I think I may have made this a custom part by trying to change the level of resistance… I will go back and try to use the custom part. I have attached the file. Thank you!

Photoresistor Nightlight.fzz (15.7 KB)

Problem solved. Thank you so much. I went back and changed the resistor to a core part and it worked great. Thanks again for your help and quick response.

Indeed you have used a custom resistor that is SMD (and thus has no holes.)

the custom part shows in the temp parts bin (as it is not in core parts) and shows SMD in inspector on the lower right. After that DRC (routing->Design Rules Check) indicates you have a number of overlaps that will cause shorts and make the board useless.

The best answer to the resistor is to use the one in core parts like this (adjusted to be upright rather than the default horizontal)

You need to select one of the two 0.1in pitch upright resistors in Inspector.