Required IC pad for DSV IC (WDON 12 pin IC)

Hi. Please assist with DSV (WSON 12 pin) IC pad for part: TPD6F002DSVR. Thank you.

This part may do what you want. The spacing is very small add DRC needs tighter parameters to pass. The vias they want for the ground pad are close at the minimum size Fritzing will do (I don’t know what the board house will make of vias that small though.)

TPD6F002.fzpz (6.3 KB)

for the ground pad you need to do this: drag in a via from core parts, set it to the smallest size (1mm 1mm) and drag it over the holes in silkscreen in your sketch to create the vial. You would then need to add a pad from core parts on the bottom of the board to connect to the other side of the via.