Requesting improvements for making custom PCB shapes

Making custom PCB shapes for Fritzing is a difficult task. If there is any ongoing development on Fritzing, I suggest making this task MUCH easier. I would like to see the ability to import a .svg shape and have Fritzing automatically convert it to a PCB ready to use. If changes are necessary, then just redraw the .svg and import it again.

Are there ongoing updates to Fritzing?
Is there a better place to make this request?
Is there place where we can see what is being worked on for enhancements?

Yes. Development restarted in 2019.

Yes. Open an enhancement request on github here:

the developers do sometimes read the forums, but pay more attention to the github issues (and other people there can support your issue.) That said I’m not sure how easy an upgrade this will be which will affect whether it gets done or not.


Thank you.

Enhancement request posted on github.
Requesting improvement for making custom PCB shapes · Issue #4005 · fritzing/fritzing-app (