Request - TEA5767

I’ve been trying to find the part everywhere online and saw one person has/had it but I doubt he’ll read my message. I’ve also looked into making the part but it makes my head want to pop, but I’m hoping someone might have this in a stash or a link for this guy.

It’s the TEA5767 with the audio jack and antenna on a blue pcb.

Here it is TEA5767 module SMD.fzpz (6.2 KB)

Not hard to accomplish. This part can be done in 2 days approximately since it’s pretty small and there is a good top view picture on the link provided. I couldn’t find the part diagram in order to check for the size, so probably it will look similar but not equal to the real part.

If you need it for PCB purposes, don’t expect it to match the real pinout positions as there is no diagram.

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