Request someone to design me a MLX90640

Hello everyone. I recently joined the fritzing community and am asking if anyone can help me out by designing a replica of an MLX90640 sensor to use in a project as a .fzpz.

Would appreciate any help here.

This one here.

A google search for “fritzing part MLX90640 module” turns up this post (which is not identical):

if that won’t do you would need to provide a web site that details dimensions of the module and a pin out of all the connections and I can create a part when I get time (although it will probably be a while since there are a bunch of requests before you and I am busy,) A picture at an angle of the module with no web site is basically useless although you did manage to provide the model number to use in the google search and the picture tells me you want a module rather than
only the camera.


Hi! very sorry, this is my first post her and I’m not too acquainted with how stuff works.

This is the link for where I found this sensor. I looked everywhere online and don’t seem to find any resources which I can share here. But this is the one I’m using for my project.
As far as I see, resources for this are pretty scarce but if its too difficult to extract info from that link then you can use this one here.

I finally found something else related to MLX90640 datasheet, similar to the one in the second link of my previous reply

took me a while but here

A part is going to take a while as there are a lot or requests outstanding and I am busy.


no problem at all, I am okay with waiting

This part should do what you want.

MLX90640-camera-module.fzpz (4.6 KB)


Thank you very much!!