Request Part: 5D Rocker Joystick for Arduino, MCU, AVR Game

I am new to Fritzing. I need this part: Buy 5D Rocker Joystick for Arduino, MCU, AVR Game at best price in India. Can anyone help me?

Welcome aboard! This part should do what you need. Note if you are making pcbs and want the mounting holes, in the sketch, you will need to drag a hole from core parts/pcb in to the sketch, set the correct size and place them over the 4 mounting holes. The mounting holes won’t be drilled by default (and you need to change the part to delete them if they are present!)

5D-Rocker-Joystick.fzpz (4.8 KB)

Download the .fzpz file and either double click on it or use File->Open->5D-Rocker-Joystick.fzpz to load the part in to the mine parts bin.


Thank you, it is perfect for me. Can you suggest any source, where I can find most of the parts for Arduino and Raspberry Pi?

Assuming you mean Fritzing parts rather than hardware, the best bet is a google search of the form “frtizing part model-number” for example “fritzing part Raspberry-Pi-4B” which is in the forums here but not yet in core parts. Many of the older raspberry PI and Arduino parts are available in core parts.


I need 2 more parts that I can’t find on Fritzing :

  1. Analog PH Sensor Kit for Arduino buy online at Low Price in India - with the probe.

  2. Buy 6.35mm Male Audio Jack at – Hatchnhack Cart total part.

Can you please provide me?

Here is the ph sensor

analog-ph-sensor.fzpz (26.7 KB)

there isn’t a plug because they aren’t useful in Fritizng normally. You will usually be using a jack to accept the connection and they exist, but the plugs normally don’t.


@vanepp Can you please provide this part?

This may do what you need. The plug isn’t usually useful (as it doesn’t fit on a pcb) you usually want the jack that the plug connects to which this should do for. If you are making a pcb you likely need to provide the data sheet for the jack you intend to use as the footprint is likely different.


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I use this as a replacement part of a sensor

Although I don’t see how this will be useful, it is trivial to make so here is a part.

6_35mm_male_audio_jack.fzpz (4.1 KB)