Request - Onion Arduino Dock 2

If anyone has this or has it in the works, please let me know.

Available here:


That’s the “Expansion Dock” not the “Arduino Dock 2”

Then I guess I need to make an Arduino Dock 2 …


Other than some headers being in an UNO pattern, I didn’t see any technical drawings for it.

Man that’s a lot of drawing.

I used an “Arduino Dock 2” that I had, along with the available “Arduino Dock 1” mechanical drawings to draw up a 3d model, if it helps any…

By drawing the 3D models, you can appreciate how much work it is to do it again in vectors.

Do you know how to do vector drawing - vector is closer to CAD than raster -.

Can it produce a 2D representation of the board? That would be the most useful.


Did I post this in the wrong forum?

Does this work?
I also uploaded a png to my grabcad as well (the forum seems to convert png to jpeg)

No, it’s that we are not a part making service so we usually only do small mod stuff. Basically we are volunteers that are too stupid to give up on FZ. :grinning:

Van seams to want to attempt anything, but even he can’t do much without a technical engineering drawing with dimensions. Sorry a pic isn’t enough, hence why I asked if you can do vector drawing because you seam to know the dimensions.

Please scroll up and read my initial post.
Edit: Also the .step file can be used for dimensions

That was already answered at the start of the post, we are at the stage 2, ie thinking of making the part.

I personally don’t have the 4-6 hours to make it, plus learning where and what a .step file is, so I’ll leave it to someone else. If you can draw in vectors and do the drawings, it not too hard to make the part after that.

Here is a zip with the illustration of the Arduino Dock 2 that we use for the packaging:

Hope it helps!

While some of the connectors have shifted on import to Inkscape, I think it may be close enough to use. At worst we may have to make some changes when the result is compared to a real board. Thanks!


It certainly does, thanks lazar!

This works for what I need… there is something funky going on with the size on svg import… but it’s not that important because it is not specifically mount on a breadboard.

Onion Arduino Dock R2.fzpz (38.1 KB)

Your svgs are dimensioned in px. Bad idea. Fritzing guesses which of 72dpi, 90dpi or 96dpi (which came after development stopped, so probably isn’t an option) should be used. Inches or mm is better for the size. If the size is correct in Inkscape (or whatever svg editor you use) just change the Custom size units (assuming Inkscape) from px to in and resave the svg. Then Fritzing should import them correctly (inches aren’t open to interpretation like px). This is good because I didn’t find any documentation on what the 3 set pins nor what the icsp configuration is (I was going to assume arduino). One question answered before I asked :slight_smile: .