Request - Mini DC Voltage Step-Down Regulator

Hi all
I’m far to stupid to make my own but I would like if possible one of these made, it’s a SBX D-Sun

If anyone can help assist would be brilliant :slight_smile:

Easy enough to do (there are other converters around to base it on) but there isn’t sufficient information on it available. It appears to be 22mm by 17 mm but there isn’t a position (or a mechanical drawing) for the placement of the connector pins which is needed. If you can supply that its easy enough to modify an existing unit.


Evening Peter
Thanks for the reply there are no connector pins on the board wires are soldiered onto the board, what do you want pictures of an actual unit or something

I would need the x/y offset of the center of the pads where the wire connects from the edge of the pcb. The diameter of the holes is also needed to size an appropriate hole in pcb view (probably .038in which is a .1 connector hole). In breadboard and schematic those points are the connectors, in pcb there will be a pad where you could solder the board to a .1 single pin header if you were to install it on a board or install male pins on the board and female on the module and plug it in or as you say use wires. A proper part allows for all of these options.

edit: if you don’t want/need this level of detail then this existing part will likely do you it is somewhat smaller than the one you have so pcb won’t be quite correct, but if you use wires that won’t matter.


We need accurate dimensions in case someone wants to mount it on a PCB. Size of the board, positions of the holes, etc.

Just come across this thread. Would this diagram suffice? It has the basic dimensions of the spacing between the pads.

Yep, thats enough info to make a part. As always, before committing to a board check the pcb footprint against a real part (because I don’t have one).

SBX DSUN.fzpz (18.6 KB)


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Just perfect !!!

Thank you so much !