Request for Sparkfun 12070 breadboard


Does anyone have a Fritz file for a Sparkfun 12070 breadboard that they could share ?


There is a 120699 here:

I don’t know what the difference is at present though. Ah! This appears to be the half size version. I have the eagle files for it, I will have a look at making one.


Here is a part that should do the job assuming what you wanted is the prt-12700. Note this part isn’t really part of core parts, if you change the size in Inspector, you won’t be able to change back (because it will only select those in core parts.)

prt-12700.fzpz (13.2 KB)

This is a real breadboard, so it has only breadboard no schematic or pcb (although parts connected to the breadboard will appear in the other views.)