Request for part : 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter & receiver

  1. Part name : 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter & receiver

  2. Part image and link :

this have 4 connectors :
this is using 2 servo female connectors for connecting to PCB board.

3.Part size :
31 x 22mm
(and additionally have 10cm mushroom antenna or 10cm dipole antenna)

4.Reason for requesting :
Arduino have nice library - TVOut library(Can output NTSC.)

this 5.8ghz transmitter can send video wireless to drone or car system.

and can be used OSD(overlay video)

so I request this part for beneficial future use.

This should do what you want.

ts5823.fzpz (4.5 KB)


Thank you!!

Good part.