Request: DC to DC Buck Converter 12-24V

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to request the addition of the DC to DC Buck Converter 12-24V I bought from Amazon a while ago for my esp32 build to power the esp and 12V WS2815 with one 12V power supply.
(by the way if that is not an elegant way of doing things please tell me I’m fairly new :sweat_smile:)

Some information about the part itself:

URL to the amazon page:
the breadboard view i made (it is pretty small but I matched the real world size): pemenol_buck_converter
the schematic I made: pemenol_buck_converter_schematic
I already tried to make a SVG but I am currently in the process of adding it to fritzing.

complete name: PEMENOL DC to DC Buck Converter 12-24V to 5V 3A Adjustable Power Supply Step Down Module 97.5% Height Efficiency Power Supply Transformer Module for Arduino, Raspberry Pi


The pins are:
1: EN
2: IN+
3: GND
4: VO+

Thanks in advance for every reply

I like this part because of the flexible output voltage

(I based the SVG on this projection that I made from the amazon pictures)

I managed to finish the part :smiley:

I will attach bb, schematic as well as pcb svgs if someone has optimizations

pemenol_buck_converter.fzpz (1.3 MB)


Not a bad part, but a few problems. I ran it through which has these complaints:

Error 69: File
At line 9

Found a drawing element before a layerId (or no layerId)

Error 74: File
At line 19

Connector connector4pin has no radius no hole will be generated

Error 74: File
At line 20

Connector connector3pin has no radius no hole will be generated

Error 74: File
At line 21

Connector connector2pin has no radius no hole will be generated

Error 74: File
At line 22

Connector connector1pin has no radius no hole will be generated

The first error is a missing layerId in breadboard. The result is your part will not be exported as an image (jpg, png, svg, etc.) To correct that you need to reset the breadboard svg to start at 0 0 and collect the entire svg in to a group named breadboard. In the original svg, we see that x and y are not both 0 as they should be ( the edges of the document will get truncated which probably doesn’t matter in this case.) to fix that in Inkscape do Edit->Select all then Edit->Resize Page to Selection.

then Object->group to make the entire document a group and rename that group to breadboard like this:

The complaint about no hole in pcb is a false positive. The pads in the pcb svg are paths which in this case happen to work correctly because the path describes a circle, but many paths that are not a circle (such as an oblong pad) will not correctly generate a hole, so it is preferable to use a circle with a stroke width of 20 thou as the pad.

Schematic has several problems, here I have added another converter with a correct schematic:

The pins want to be 0.1in long and spaced 0.1in apart to match most other parts and align to the grid. Usually inputs (such as power) are on the left, and outputs on the right. As noted pins are 0.1in wide and spaced on 0.1in boundaries. As well it is preferable to have a label field (here set to M for module) in the fzp file to avoid the default Part designation.