Request - Adafruit Buzzer 5V - Breadboard friendly

Does anyone have a Fritzing version of this part or know where I can find it?:


The usual answer is to do a google search of the form “fritzing part Adafruit 5V buzzer” and/or check the Adafruit fritzing parts repo on github. However there doesn’t appear to be such a part in either place, so I modified a buzzer part to create one with the correct .3 in spacing (at least according to the Adafruit page). As always if you are cutting a pcb verify the footprint before ordering boards.

adafruit5vbuzzer.fzpz (8.8 KB)


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Thank you. I guess I should have stated that I searched for this part for about an hour and a half and came up empty handed.

You and KingDarBoja were very kind in providing a part that I requested back in March of 2018. Thanks again for that.

Is there a good tutorial that I can use to get started with creating my own Fritzing parts? I use InkScape now and then so I’d like to find a tutorial that employs it.


Unfortunately parts creation is difficult and poorly documented. Most of the stuff out there are for older versions of Fritzing and thus not necessarily applicable. These two sets are both about 0.9.3b and may or may not help (really only trying and asking for help in here when you are stuck works). As well I’m looking at making a part for your fm board, as it appears no one has ever released one (there are pictures of one around, but not the part itself).


Could I help by providing the part image in the correct dimensions? I have the part in-hand and I’d like to participate if possible.


Sure, that would help. All I have at present is jpg image from one of the sites that sells them. What is desirable is the height/width of the board (that is on the web site) and the x/y position of the mounting hole and the 4 pin header. I’ll likely start with a 4 pin header to get the basic files and connectors then do breadboard by copy/paste of components like the 3.5mm jacks from other parts to create a breadboard view. It gets fairly easy once you have done enough of them.


Here’s what I have.
(I couldn’t get the upload option to work for me, so I posted the .SVG file on my server)

The dimensions of the PCB, the placement of the 4-pin header holes and the placement of the mounting holes should be spot-on.

I took some liberties in the amount of detail presented and the color choices. I don’t know if there are standards for that sort of thing in Fritzing. I also didn’t attempt to make the mounting holes transparent.

Let me know if I need to make adjustments to the image.