Request: 5A DC-DC Solid State Relay

I found this SMD-based relay board done from scratch(can be embedded in my sketch if i buy the components (cheap) :

However, I want to use this relay I have and design it from scratch (smaller in size and save space on project and is available in 2 and 4A versions) and make this a solid state relay system. The size/pins of the relay is different.

But since I see/use a lot of these types of boards and they all have similar circuits as the first link part. (I am currently using Sainsmart 8-ch-ssr-5a-dc-dc-5v-220v-solid-state-relay but want to make it since I don’t know if I can embed it in my sketch natively to save space in PCB/Prototype and also to be able to route the triggered side without wire headers but route them manually to whatever device it is powering/sourcing power from(driver side circuit) instead.

So there are three requests: 1)the part for Kyotto relay, 2)navigate me to another DC-DC solid state relay project if it exists, and 3)small description/advice on if i can just take the 4-channel DC-DC relay system in first link and remove the current relay and use the part obtained from you (hopefully! fingers crossed)?.

A google search of the form “fritzing part solid state relay” brings up a number of hits. It isn’t clear to me what you are looking for but something in the list may do what you want.


I am looking for this Part:

I want to embed these in the board I am designing with the additional diode and octocoupler circuit

This part should do what you want.

kf0604D.fzpz (3.8 KB)

It is already optically isolated internally so it is hard to see why you would need additional optocoupling.