Rendering linear gradient on breadboard part


Fritzing is having trouble rendering my custom breadboard component with linear gradient - the gradient appears blank. Please see the attached files. Is there any way to fix this?

audio_jack_female_3_5mm.fzpz (7.6 KB)

Many thanks.

AFIK Fritzing does not support linear gradients. It will accept them but not render them.


@vanepp This forum post has a part with a radial gradient that renders correctly?

Not as far as I know. If you look at the final part, there isn’t a linear gradient there, just a normally shaded rendering which isn’t (AFIK) a linear gradient. It was close enough for that the original poster wanted, but I don’t believe it is a linear gradient (not that I’m all that clear on what a linear gradient is supposed to do :slight_smile: .) If a part is run through the parts editor, the defs field in the svg (which contains the linear gradient definition I believe) is stripped out. I suppose it is possible that the render will process a linear gradient if you avoid the parts editor, but I don’t really know. It is also possible that Fritzing 0.9.10 has a better renderer (although I don’t think parts editor has changed!) It has been a while since the post you refer to, but my recollection is that the linear gradient never worked as intended.