Rename "My Parts Bin"

Some how, the bin which I place my parts in is called Adafruit Batteries and I would like to change the name to something more suitable. I tried to right click on the bin, but the rename is greyed out.

Any Ideas?

You might try editing
My Documents\Fritzing\bins\my_parts.fzb
which looks to be xml and sets the bin name mine looks like this:

< ?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>
< module fritzingVersion=“0.4.3b.0.0” icon=“Mine.png” >
< title>My Parts
< instances>
< /module>

and I expect yours will have Adafruit Batteries in it. Be aware that bad things (including corrupting the whole mess, so have a backup) may occur :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip, Peter, but I changed the title to My Parts and on a restart into Fritzing, I have the same name, Adafruit Batteries.

Was Adafruit Batteries showing up in the xml file (i.e. were we changing the right thing :slight_smile: )?
Its possible this is on the database somewhere, in which case deleting the user directories may be the only cure (hopefully someone else has a better suggestion though).


yes the name Adafruit Batteries showed up in the file when opened as an xml file.

What’s weird is I don’t know how it changed?

Since it changed mysteriously and won’t change back, I’d be worried about database corruption. It may be a good bet to export all your parts to files as a backup (a good bet anyway!) and any custom bins you have, then delete the user files to clear the database and reimport everything.


Well, started up Frizting and right clicked on the name of the parts bin and was able to rename it properly. On a restart all looks well.

Huh! Mine still has rename greyed out when I right click it.Did you do something different this time?


Must have been from playing around in the xml file. I just started Fritzing again, and the rename is greyed out again.

Well at least we know one way to maybe cure this then :slight_smile: .