Remove silkscreen of components?

Hello to everyone, I’m quite a new user for Fritzing and completely new to the forum. Sorry if I will use not appropriate terms (that I’m going to learn)!

I’m still working on the PCB, but I want to understand if I can do what I need.

I’m developing an Arduino Board for a project that involve 6 RFID readers. I imported a lot of parts to in order to quickly make picture of what I’m building and while creating the PCB, I cannot understand if I can remove the silkscreen (is it the right term? - the form of the component, in this case the RFID Reader).

Link to the screenshot of the PCB page in Fritizing

Can you let me know? I would like, once ready, to fab just the “spaces” for the RFID, not all as shown in the PCB page.

Thanks a lot.

Yes, you can! Simply right-click the part and select hide part silkscreen and hide part label. :slight_smile:

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