Remove old ref in .fzp file

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<module referenceFile="sparkfun-connectors-50-pin-centronics-m-male.fzp" moduleId="174917_DENSO-ECU-socket_48pin-040-070_f10169f662d9ff07753bcc12a6644e5d_3" fritzingVersion="0.7.2b">
 <!-- 174917_DENSO-ECU-socket_48pin-040-070 -->

I want to remove the all references in the .fzp file to the old part it was created from, ie the “sparkfun-connectors-50-pin-centronics-m-male,fzp”, so the part is indistinguishable from a new part.

Do I need the line, or can I change it to something referencing the part it’s self, or do I have to edit the file and create a new file, and will it work for others that don’t have the file when they import the part.

Is the “referenceFile=” the “part.174917_DENSO-ECU-socket_48pin.fzp” with the “part.” removed.
And the “moduleId=” the .fzpz file with the .fzpz removed?

Yes. In my experience it doesn’t care about the referenceFile, only the moduleId but the referenceFile should be the fpz name and I think the moduleId must be the fpz filename without the fpz.

I’m going by Steel’s last part, as I assume he’s up with it.


> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <module fritzingVersion="0.9.3b" referenceFile="PADI-IoT-Stamp.fzp" moduleId="PADI-IoT-Stamp">

On another problem.
I made a new SCH for my DENSO, which has alternate pins 0.050" back from the others, but now the part snaps 0.050" out from the original. How do I get it to snap back to the longer pins and not the short pins. Basically were is 0,0.

I believe 0 0 is left top (that’s where it is in Inkscape and I think Fritz is the same). I’ve never had any luck getting parts with pins on non .1 centers to align correctly though.

The old part did, but not this new one.

In the old part the 0 stroke ConnecterTerminals were all inline, ie not staggered, and I assigned the contacts to the actual ConnectorPin node in FZ Editor - it makes you wonder if you need the 0 stroke ConnecterTerminals -

This one I staggered the 0 stroke ConnectorTerminals 0.050" and it snaps out 0.050".

I think the 0 stroke ConnectorTerminals assign the pins in the svg, so it auto assigns, meaning you don’t have to do in the FZ Editor.

I think I will have to stagger them 0.100" so it auto assigns.