Red dot contacts in PCB view

In PCB view the usual hole/contact is a yellow contact with an orange ring and a redish centre.
Some of the contacts I make are a yellow contact with a single red centre.

I can’t seam to reliability get the 3 colour contacts, anybody know what’s going on.

It is one of FZ’s idiosyncrasies… FZ doesn’t like transformed circles… Your circles need to have “0” orientation. If you rotate your circles or do anything that will cause them to have the transformed parameters in the .svg, your circle will have the single red center. wired… :confused:

If you take a part in your pcb, i.e. that has 8 connectors (circles), and rotate it 90 deg., then all 8 circles will be transformed (rotated). “FZ treats transformed circles differently than non-transformed circles”

To solve the problem; you either need to un-transform (correct the circles back to their original form/orientation. or draw a new circle and replace it. :relaxed:

I had a play and I can’t really prevent it, but I can sort of recognise it in XML Edit.

I was making a 12 pin plug svg in Ink by selecting the node in XML Edit, then going copy, paste, XML Indent, move. Most were fine but 3 pins went weird, so I had a play and if I select the node in Edit and duplicate, it seams fine.

I don’t think Ink is perfect because I’ve been finding quite a few bugs lately, and they say FZ is buggy.

I think I edited that Songle Relay with red dots and only realised afterwards.

Those little red dots drove me crazy for a long time… two identical circle… one had the red dot and one didn’t. They looked identical in the graphics editor. but in the .svg, the one with the red circle had the transformed parameters. You wouldn’t think just by rotating a circle it would be transformed…

I don’t use Inkscape, I get too frustrated :scream: trying to make it do things… I expect it to work like CorelDraw… I have used CorelDraw for years in my business and know it like the back of my hand.

As for your fonts… did you ever install the Droid Sans and OCAR on your computer?

For some reason the copied contact circles became ellipses in the XML, and now I know what to look out for.

Yeah I installed Droid but FZ still kicked up a fuss. I don’t really use fonts much, if at all, it’s just when I mod other people’s parts that have fonts. I had the amazing shifting font sizes when I tried to mod a voltage reg from Core parts.