Red box on custom part

I have this red box appearing on my custom part. Any advice?

SVG Graphic export from Illistrator:

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 7.07.08 PM, Jun 23

You haven’t assigned the pins in FZ edit.

I for sure did assign the pins. Probably tried 10x.

I did, just now, actually, solve the problem. Seems it had something to do with the order of the lines in the SVG file. I played around with it for a long time making sure it looked as close to an example file as I could. !


If you are talking about layers, yes it’s hard to assign pins if they aren’t on the top layer. In INK XML edit you put your copper under silk.

Your copper group will work, but the quicker way is just have the 4 circles in copper0, and put that in an empty copper1. You actually have 2 sets of circles, 4 in copper1, which are on the top of the PCB, and another 4 in copper0, the bottom of the PCB.