Rectangular Pins on Adafruit 373

I am laying out the PCB on the attached Fritzing file. The Adafruit 373 DC power jack, referenced as Jack 2 on the PCB has rectangular shaped, 1mm x 0.3mm pins, which will not go through the small, round default plated through holes provided by the Fritzing layout tool.

The Adafruit 373 data sheet recommends a rectangular hole, 1 mm wide x 1.6 mm long to accommodate each pin.

I created a round hole, 1.7 mm in diameter with a copper ring 1mm wide to accommodate these pins. When I placed this hole over the Jack 5 pins on the PCB drawing, I cannot get the trace going to the pins to attach to, or hook up with the 1 mm copper ring associated with my 1.7 mm hole.

I am a newbie to Fritzing PCB layout. I need help to solve the problem of how to make the trace connection to the copper ring on my user defined plated through hole.

Adafruit_Jack_Problem.fzz (65.0 KB)

In Fritzing the usual solution is to use a hole larger than the largest diameter of the pin (square holes in pcb are difficult in Fritzing.) The Adafruit part you have has 0.03in holes (suitable for an IC not the barrel jack.) The data sheet pcb layout suggests the pin is 1mm and the pcb slot should be 1.6mm by 1mm, since 1.6mm seems a little large I used about 1.2mm for the drill (0.046in) in this part.

2.1mm DC Barrel Jack-improved.fzpz (7.9 KB)

I changed the moduleId so this is a new part that you can load along side your current one to compare them.


Peter: Thank you for working on Saturday to hep folks like me. The improved part went easily into my circuit model. As I understand your answer, when the Gerber is created for my circuit with the new improved Adafruit 373 Jack part, the 3 hols drilled for this part will now be 1.2mm to accommodate the rectangular pins. Is this correct?


Yes, that is correct. It is otherwise pretty much identical to the original just with larger holes.


Thank You Peter!