Rectangle blanc sur couche sérigraphie [fixed]

J’aimerais faire fabriquer ma première carte électronique par Fritzing Lab. J’ai donc uplaud mon projet… Mais sur l’image générée par le site on peut voir des grands rectangles blancs (voir image)

alors que de base la sérigraphie de ces composants est un rectangle vide avec des contours blancs…

Je précise que j’ai créé les composants faisant les rectangles blancs. Est ce que quelqu’un sait d’où cela peut provenir ? Merci d’avance.

Sorry for the reply in english, but if you could post the .fzz file of your sketch I expect one of us could tell you what is wrong.


Sorry, here is the fritzing sketch :

FCU_7SEG_VSV2.fzz (109.4 KB)

and here is the svg document :

In my other projects it works fine

I don’t know why but it works fine now. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

I don’t see anything obviously wrong. The part seems to have the correct layer IDs (which is the usual problem when svg export, which is I assume what the bad image was, has white squares for parts). As well svg upload in the forums is broken so we usually rename svgs to fzpz (which will upload) and tell the users to rename the file. If you see more problems feel free to pose and we will try and help.


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