Recovering the pcb outline svg from a .fzz file


I recently needed to recover the svg for a board outline with only the fzz file. Because the source svg is in the fzz file. Since I had to do this I figured I document how to do it for other people.

  1. un zip the .fzz file to get the .fz file which is standard xml so edit the fz file with a text editor.

  2. search for the text ’ instance moduleIdRef=“BoardLogoImageModuleID” ’

  3. select the data after ’ <property name=“shape” value=" ’ til ’ </svg> ’ and copy that text in to a new svg file.

  4. You now have an svg file but is quoted, so you need to unquote it to create a svg file that a svg editor will accept it. So edit the file and do the following substitutions (these are for vi or vim)

edit: Coming back to do this again I just noticed that the helpful forum software removed the actual xml commands below and substituted the replacement values (which is why the substitutions were identical.) I will try prefomatted mode to try and correct this …

5)  :1,$s/&quot;/"/g  which substitutes all lines (there is currently only one line but later there will be lines) that is the 1.$ part. The s/ substitutes &quot; to " the / ends the substitution, and the g causes substitution for all instances on the line. This should let you modify the command for your editor.

6)  :1,$s/&gt;/>/g to do the greater thans (>)

7) :1,$s/&lt;/</g to do the less thans.  Then (otherwise the ones above screw up!)

8) :1,$s/&#10/\r/g to replace the quoted newlines with a new line 

which unusually for me, seems to have worked correctly :slight_smile: Hopefully the correct vi commands will make it easier to adjust the search patterns for your editor of choice, unlike substitute " for " as was there originally. Sorry about that!

Now if you save the result you can feed it to an svg editor.