RCA connector pinout, need help!


Hey guys!

I’ve ordered these RCA connectors (the only one present in Fritzing, as far as I
can see), but they are not going to arrive for some time.

“RCA sparkfun rca plug”

Could anybody tell me the pinout? I take it, that the one in the middle is ground.
Thanks! :slight_smile:



The part looks to be just plain wrong. RCA jacks don’t have a switch. It appears someone copied a 3.5mm phone jack with a switch which is incorrect. That said a search indicates that there are comments about the Fritzing RCA part having the switching wrong in the Sparkfun comments although the description appears to be a standard rca socket so I’m confused (but still think the part is wrong). Are you looking for a normal RCA plug or socket with two connections or something more complex with a switch? All this said, if you hover with the mouse over the pin in any view (probably pcb in this case) it will tell you what the description of the pin in the fzp file is which may tell you what the connections are. In this case it says the top pin is
pin1 the middle pin is shell (I assume the shield lead i.e. the outside of the connector) and the bottom is switch (which shouldn’t be present on an rca plug). Your best bet may be a new part that is proper. What part number(s) did you order from Sparkfun? A search for RCA jack didn’t turn one up.