Raspberry Pi Pico (cloni?)

Dear all,

I found these Rasp PICO ‘compatible’ board. They’ve original RP2040, but different pinout. I need low power consuption so I adopt the one on the right.

Unfortunately they have (both left and right) a bit different pinout from the original one.

No matter, I was only search for Fritzing part, Is there any part of these two?
I’m not so used in editor, in the case I would try to modify it

Best regards,

There likely is no Frtizing part for these. To make one we would need the web site that describes the board you want.


Dear vanepp,

Thank you. The board is just the same with different pinout.
I managed it someway. I will upload as I finish.

Image is not exactly the same, but pinout will be.