Raspberry Pi code?

OK, as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m just starting to learn Fritzing, so please forgive the very basic question.

I found the AdaFruit library and loaded it, but for some reason there isn’t a Raspberry Pi 3 in there. Nonetheless, I grabbed a Pi 2 and placed it in the workspace. Then I switched over to the “code” tab. But I can’t figure out how to switch the platform over to the Pi. Despite having added the Pi part, the “Platform” drop-down menu still only offers Arduino and PICAXE. What do I have to do to get it to let me to switch to the Pi for coding?

Also, where can I find a Pi 3 part?


Unfortunatly the code window is a work in progress. I believe only the picaxe is currently functional, the Arduino currently can’t load code and nothing else is so far supported as far as I know so you would have to use a PI ide outside of Fritzing to code.

Ah. Thanks. That would explain it. The joys of being a beta user. :wink:

Someone made one back in March. Here is the Fz link;