Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen LCD

Has anyone found or made a part for the Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen LCD that I could use in Fritzing? I’ve had no luck in finding one. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


I’m also looking for this. It seems unlikely to me that nobody have made that.

Please can anyone help? I would highly appreciate it as well!

If Adafruit sells these, a check in their fritzing part repository on github would be a good bet. Otherwise making a part shouldn’t be that hard (although the referenced post has no connector information to do that with).

Thanks for the tip. Adafruit is selling this but provides no fritzing part as well.
Probably it’s not difficult but I haven’t made a part before and thought maybe a expert is around who already made it. :confused:

I suspect the last is your best hope. I had a quick look at the datasheets on Adafruit and my informed guess is that a Fritzing part is too hard for the expected market. The interface board between the PI and the touch screen would be a fair bit of work to make just by itself.

I suspect this is the one.

Yep, that looks about like the one that I found on adafruit. The interface board between the PI and the LCD looked to me to be the complex part.