Raise and Lower command does not work on some components

Hi All,

Some components will always overlap on other components, ignoring the Raise and Lower commands (v0.9.2)

Please refer to the following video. The “Breakout” component will always overlap the “breadboard” and “development board” component, disregarding the adjustment of raise and lower commands.

I’ve poked around the .fzpz file but fails to observe any significant differences. Is there some logic in the fritzing application that decides the minimum/maximum layer order between components?

The .fzpz file of the breakout board is attached:
Grove Breakout for LinkIt 7697.fzpz (194.1 KB)

Thanks in advance.

A very similar issue is being discussed in the “can’t seem to bring leds to the front” tread here:

breadboard at least is special and is hard coded to always be on the bottom. It looks like there are either other secret rules as well or possibly bugs in the raise lower commands.


I have the same issue right now and you can find posts describing the issue going back to at least 2014 and probably further. I guess it’s not getting fixed any time soon.

Development has pretty much stopped so you have to either put up with it, work around it, or switch to another EDA.

Can you post the parts .fzpz files or a sketch .fzz file with the parts (which will have the parts in temp if they aren’t in core) that you are having problems with? I just downloaded the fzpz above and tried it on 0.9.3b with an lcd display and it works correctly. So there seems to have been something odd about that second board (or something I’m not doing). If you post the problem I’ll have a look.


The poblem is not specific to weird parts. It happens with stock LEDs and breadboard wires.

I remember having stuff that didn’t r&l, and I remember people having the same problem with std parts - std parts aren’t perfect - , but because no one investigated them no one knew if it was the part or a bug.

I think the breadboard wires are a feature. Wires are always top (and not lowerable) so you can see the connections. The delete / restore putting the leds on top (which I can’t get to work in a quick test) is likely a bug. Basically to work around it you would need to route the wires so they don’t cross the leds. That was the purpose of the smaller leds that I made at that time, to make avoiding the led bodies easier. In the example in this thread there are two parts, it is possible that female connectors (as opposed to the normal male used in most parts) are causing a similar problem but I don’t know for sure without having two parts that have the problem to experiment with.