Quick PCB review

Hi guys,

I made my first PCB and i know that it’s easy to make a mistake with those things. So since it’s my first I thought that perhaps it’s a good idea to ask you guys before i print it. Do you see any beginner mistakes? Or are there guide lines that i’m missing (for example does it matter what angle the lines have?)

Thanks in advance!

Generally everything horiz, vert, or at 45º, no 90º unless it’s a tee.

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Okay, i’ll try to change that :slight_smile: Will the black letters on the silkscreen also get printed? And does it matter if they overlap with the conducting lines?

What you see is usually what you get… So yes, I’d take some time to cleanup your layout. You’ll be happy you did. The silkscreen will over-lap on your current design.

I also suggest after you’re done with cleanup. Export your gerber files and view them with a gerber viewer. This will show you what your production house will be seeing. From there you can make an assessment on how it will look post production.

Hi guys! Between my exams i found some time to clean it up. This is how it looks like right now:

I don’t know anything about the gerber thing, but i’ll look it up :slight_smile:
In the mean time, do you think that i should use thicker lines for my supply lines? It’s just driving 4 weight sensors and 3 humidity sensors.


Better, but you’d better get in the practice of never using 90º turns because when you move to higher frequency stuff the reflections of those sharp turns cause havoc. Notice how on mine it doesn’t have any sharp turns, they’re all 45º where possible.

If I was home etching this board I would use the thickest practical traces possible because it’s easier to etch.

You might want to look up “Trace Width Calculator”.

You might want to download Gerbv because it will show you exactly what the FZ output file will actually look like.

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Hi Old Grey,

Thanks for the reply, i didn’t know about the high frequency stuff. But normally all the signals are digital (except for the ones at s- and s+. I guess that this high frequency distortion isn’t very important for digital signals? I will probably let my university produce it because i need it rather soon and i’ve never done home etching.