Questions on PCB layout and routing

Dear Fritzing-Community,

I wondered if you could have a look at my fritzing file as I am a bit puzzled by the messages from the routing process.

In the PCB view is reads - Routing is finished.

No connections to route (even though directly when the autorouter finished it said that not all nets have been routed. However I cannot see that message anymore - does it mean everything is connected correctly?

What I tried to do here (it is my first PCB-project):

I wanted to create a PCB to create 6 x12V-2pin FANS - with 6 potis and an arduino uno. I also have a temp sensor to have a read out of the temperature for information only and an adafruit TFT hooked to it.

The list is as follows:

6 x 12V - 2pin Fans
6x TIP120 Transistors
6x Potis (10kOhm each)

6 Resistors (1kOhm) for Transistors
1x Resistor (4.7kOhm) for the temp sensor
1x DS18B20 temp sensor
1x 12V Digilent Power Brick to provide the 12V
1x ADA Fruit 2.8 CapTouch TFT

The DRC test did not raise any errors.

Please find attached my fritzing project file for reference.
6-Fan-V1.fzz (129.9 KB)

  1. How can I opt for an “awesome assembly” in Eisler?


Autorouter is correct, in schematic not all paths are routed (in general autoroute is a bad idea, it is not very good, manual routing is a much better bet!)

In pcb, here I deleted all traces then started to manually route the pcb in a more reasonable manner. However the fan connections are under the Uno when they should be off to the side somewhere to not be blocked by the Uno.


Thank you Peter, I will keep that in mind - is it just a bad habit if it is modeled under the arduino or does is short cut or interfere in another way with the components?

As long as DRC is passing it won’t short anything but the Uno will physically get in the way of attaching the connectors so moving them (if they don’t have to be where they are for some reason) makes more sense. If you need to do this for some reason changing the connectors to the bottom of the board (leaving the Uno on the top of the board where it is now) may be enough to do what you want.


Understood, thanks Peter.