Question about origin in PCB view

Why is the origin in the PCB view in the UPPER left corner???

This is a bit weird since other programs I work with have the origin in the LOWER left corner.
Not sure if this is a bug, since it all seems to work OK, but it is a bit unexpected / confusing.

Now i’m aware of this it shouldn’t make a difference
Still I would like to suggest to place a dark red dot at the origin (50 % opacity or in a lower layer).
That eventually can be toggled off. (I think i suggested this before but i can’t find that post)

You are right… it is kind of weird… there must be a method to his madness. My background is CAD/CAM… 0,0 is in the lower left. +Y is up and +X is right… weird… :confused:

It’s just that, Fritzing is also a CAD program…

I hope this doesn’t cause any issues in the long run.

I wouldnt find it strange if this is causing side effects. Say you have a bunch of parts pads traces all aligned to bottom left and you rescale the zoom of scroll over a page that re-renders to an upper left origin.

Hmm could this be related to that bug that many people experience when you need to save the project and re-start the application?
Wild guess… but my feeling tells me I to mention it anyway.

Think: pre-emptive multitasking
One calculating positions from bottom left and the other thread from upper left, then timing is crucial…

Should I change this topic from whislist to bug?

You’re making no sense here. Why would calculations be based in one instance from the top left and in another instance (or thread) be base on the opposite? Why would the origin position have any impact on any calculations? It’s all depends on the context an in your case you’re comparing it to your experiences with CAD software. I come from a graphics background and having the origin in the top-left corner makes complete sense to me. From a program point of view it makes no difference, it’s all numbers anyway.

Definitively a wish list thing and not a bug in my opinion. A bug implies something is working incorrectly not that something is working differently. I don’t care either way so good luck.

As i said Wild guess, thing is this, there is a bug that often appears out of nowhere and after restarting the app all is good again for a while.

Now IF this MAY be related then it MAY resolve the issue, if not then i at least shared the thought…
Therefor a bug report and not a wishlist item I hope that bugs get solved before more features are added. if in any way possible.

So It that doesn’t make sense then i can agree with you. :slight_smile: I’m not a dev but i have done beta testing and spotted similair weirdness that was explained to me as multithreading timing issues and that messed up a lot of numbers in that case. But … I’m not a developer. So if I was not making sense then my apologies.