Question about ground planes and a suggestion


I want to check two assumptions about copper/ground planes. Can anyone confirm that all the following is true?

  1. Copper fills in color similar to the traces (yellow/orange) on either sides are connected to at least one ground fill seed (see arrow #4 in the picture below).
  2. Copper fills in red are unconnected to any seed (arrow #3) but can be manually connected to any part/wire from any point within their area (and become green when connected to any other part). (#2)
  3. Red circles (#1) are the only places where one can initiate a manual connection from a seeded copper fill to another part/wire. Despite their red color they aren’t isolated areas but are filled with copper too.

Thank you in advance.

If (1) is true, the suggestion would be to add an option to highlight these copper fills when a connected seed is clicked (the same way a green copper fill got highlighted when a connected part is clicked).

Yes, that’s exactly the behaviour! And thanks for the good suggestion. Can I ask you to write this up as a ticket in the issue tracker?

Sure, do you mean using the same tracker as the one used for the bugs?

Yes, this one here: