Question about drills on cherry mx keyswitch

I want to use the Cherry MX keyswitch part on my project. The switch has a main plunger in the middle along with two mounting tabs on either side (besides the pins). (See this picture for clarity)

The PCB part shows black circles for where the plunger and mounting tabs would go.

Question: will the plunger & mount tab holes be drilled or are those just markings that will get printed on the board? I’d prefer to have the fab drill these if at all possible.

Any help is appreciated. thanks!

I kind of answered my own question by uploading a test template to a fab website - the plunger & mounting post holes are not drilled. it’s just decorative.

this seems like a huge flaw that should not be distributed with the main executable.

What is the easiest way to get drills added? I’m new to modifying parts so apologies if this is an obvious question.

Drag the part into a new Fritzing and go File/Export/for Production/Extended Gerber.
Put them in a dir and open drill.txt.
The first group of numbers is the holes sizes, and the groups below are the position of the drill sizes.

The part is showing 2 groups of 4 holes, so they are not drilled.

You can grab a hole out of core parts, or you can modify the part.

I decided to try my hand at editing the part.

I changed the silkscreen holes into connectors and made the border .1. Presto!

The drill template now correctly shows the plunger & mount holes.

Did you put them in the copper group?

Yes, I moved them to the copper group and gave them a unique connector name.

The holes showed up on the drills layer after making that change.

Yeah, that’s the way I do it.

I was just wondering if you found a better way to do it because if it’s in the copper group it gets a copper pad etched before it gets drilled.