Python Support in simulator for code testing

I picked up frtizing today and so far it looks amazing as a schematic design app.
is is possible that i can use python code in the simulator to test snippets of my code to see how it runs with the hardware before i have to physically buy the the hardware. I find its odd that a Raspberry pi is in the modules list yet python is not supported (pi’s main language is python).
if not, what is picaxe and how does it work, i have read that the arduino code part is not working.

if there is any way to get python support working id be happy to try it, even if it means making code to bridge them, ill give it a go

In general the processor support is for program loading, although that doesn’t work on the PIs (not that it couldn’t just no one has done so.) The Arduino IDE works on older versions, just a change in the latest has broken things from our end. The simulator is spice so it needs spice models in the parts, and is currently limited to dc simulation. It doesn’t simulate processors (of any stripe!)