Pushing to github - no permissions?


I am trying to push a branch to github parts, but I get permissions errors:

$git push -u origin escain74HC126:74HC126

remote: Permission to fritzing/fritzing-parts.git denied to xxxx.

Do I need specific permissions to push a branch? Or what did I miss?
Note: I know that my credentials are correct for github, as I can login and push my own project.

The remote is: https://github.com/fritzing/fritzing-parts.git

It needs more than a github account to push directly to the fritzing-parts repository. The general process overview is to:

  • Fork a copy of the repository to your own account
  • create, commit, push a branch with your fixes to that fork
  • create a pull request to ask the people with permissions to merge the branch from your fork back into the main repository.

More details, see contributing new part process. There are also lots of tutorials for general processes working with git and github.

I see! too many branches to manage at the end.
Thank you

It does take a few steps to get setup, but the only branch you need to manage, is the one with the new and updated parts in your copy of fritzing-parts. The PR just references that and the existing (target) branch in the main repository. Other branches exist in both repositories, but they never get touched during this process.