Push-button (quadratic shape)

i don’t even dare to ask anymore… i’m looking for a push-button that doesn’t need 3x4 rows/columns, but 3x3… i.e. is square, without a circuit board…

maybe my fritzing-part library is corrupt, buggy or something else … i’m on 0.9.9. … or i’m too stupid (that’s what i would prefer :wink: )

many thanks in advance

Do you have a data sheet for the actual part? That is the easiest, as it then has the sizes and dimensions needed and connector layout.

Switches come in infinite variety, the parts db has some common examples, but no where near all of them. If you have a part number a google search of the form “fritzing part part-number” will find out if someone has already made a Fritzing part.


hi peter,
i didn’t find a datasheet, but it is 6x6x5mm …
here you can find it on amazon … it’s near the same (design), only smaller …

A google search of the form “fritzing part 6x6x5mm Miniature Micro Push Button Switch” turns up this part I made for someone a while ago:

which may do what you want.


would work, but i prefer 4 pins - i know: German thoroughness :wink:
i will take it for the moment … thanks a lot, again, peter !

by the way … do you have the possibility, p.ex. from a board (with other electronic components), to separate one single component ?
if so, than it seems, that on the L298N-board is the quad pushbutton i like …
i put in the searchbox ‘L298N’ … only one part hass been displayed …

That appears to be a standard tactile push button in core parts:

Will that do what you want? If not it is easy enough to modify the current 2 wire part to 4 wire, I just need to find something with a mechanical drawing to get the pcb footprint right (the amazon site doesn’t have any mechanical information.)


hm, you mean the internal ‘wirering’? it’s not difficult:
there are two pairs of pins, that means that two pins are connected with each other.
let number the pins started left top with #1, then clockwise …
in your picture the pins #1 and #4 use the same line, #2 and #3, too
so there are 8 possibilities for connecting:
1 pos
2 or 3 gnd

2 pos
1 or 4 gnd

3 pos
1 or 4 gnd

4 pos
2 or 3 gnd

and with a look on top, you don’t see the connectorpins, hmm, maybe a little bit …

if this would help …
but i’m still looking after a technical document …

Both the internal wiring (which is likely identical to the tactile switch) and the position of the pads and where they connect in pcb view. For a proper part all of those things need to be correct. For the tactile button that means this:

In breadboard these two pins are connected together:

so clicking on a pin lights the other one yellow as well

the same in schematic

and in pcb

except in pcb we also need to know the spacing between the pads and the size of the holes in the pads to get the pads correct. Usually a data sheet somewhere (not usually on amazon though!) will have that information and we need to find it to make a proper part.


i will looking for, peter … i did smooth the pads with pliers so they fit in better… maybe the changes …

seems that my modifikation did change the distance between the pads …
but could you please place the pads for the general 2.54mm raster ?
i need some space on the breadboard …

It is possible to have different spacing for the PCB and breadboard views. This is done for «at least» cases where a THT part, or SMD carrier module is used for the breadboard, but a discrete SMD part is used for the PCB.

So, breadboard could be set to the standard 0.1in spacing (to be able to place on a breadboard in Fritzing), but the PCB view could be set to the ‘real’ dimensions from the data sheet.

i understand … two flies in one fell swoop

This should do what you want.

pushbutton-6mm-6mm.fzpz (5.0 KB)


hi peter,
well done … unfortunately, this does not solve my problem either, because the button also extends over 3x4 rows/columns, and can therefore ‘only’ be placed vertically over the ‘trench’ (columns E to F).
maybe i fell short of the norm by straightening it and bending it a bit inwards, maybe. this does not detract from the functionality.
Since there is generally little space on the breadboard, I need a button that only extends over 3x3 rows/columns, so that I can also use it ‘vertically’ - which is no longer available in that sense - (columns I, G and B, D) … so I still have one column on each side for the connections :wink:
the bottom line is that this component would probably be below the norm, but who cares ?
you can bend the pads a bit in the real world…

so long

Try this one, it should do what you want (although pcb will be slightly wrong compared to breadboard)

pushbutton-6mm-6mm-reduced-pins.fzpz (4.8 KB)

Since it is the same part you will need to delete the old one before being able to load this one.


thanks, peter … i will test it this evening and report