PS2501-2X and OUAZ-SS-112D

I’m new to this. Can you point me to a source for a PS2501-2X and the OUAZ-SS-112D?

Thank you

These two parts should do what you want:

optocoupler-ps2501-2x.fzpz (5.7 KB)

OUAZ-SS-112D.fzpz (5.4 KB)


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Thank you for your help. Were these parts something I should have been able to find on my own?
Or did you make them from scratch?

  • Ivan

I made them from scratch as neither existed before. Making parts isn’t the difficult part, but rather learning how to make parts is difficult. It took me more than a year to be able to make good parts. In this case I had another similar relay I had made before to use as a base and a single channel opto coupler to just duplicate and change in to a dual configuration.