PS2 gamepad port


I use a PS2 gamepad controller in mi projects and It would be great I could use it in the fritzing protoboard window (schematics and pcb are not necessary).

I would only need the 9-pin connector port:


And it looks like this:


More info.

Thanks in advance!

The Fritzing gods have smiled on you :slight_smile: , some skilled person has posted a svg of the ps2 gamepad under the creative commons licence so I swiped it. There is a female connector available (but no layout information) available from Robotshop here

So this is a full part (bb schematic and pcb) but pcb is likely wrong as the positions were done from a rescaled jpg image. If someone has one of these connectors and will post the size and position of the pins I’ll fix pcb up.

ps2-gamepad.fzpz (11.0 KB)


Thanks a lot vanepp! it’s just what i was looking for :blush: :blush: :blush:

Now my wiring diagram looks better.