Proximity induktif LJ12A3 - 4 -Z

I am looking for the Proximity induktif LJ12A3 - 4 -Z in fritzing but it does not exist in fritzing. Could someone help me please ?


This is a duplicate of a post that a poster below has posted 4 times. Refer to that because this one will be removed.


I’ve deleted the other ones… As of now this is the only one live. SO I’d say a legit cry for help.

@LNGM. You need to post a schematic. NOT a link to where you bought it from. BUT a DATASHEET with manufacturer Specifications. Any bogus links will be removed and you will be subject to re-verification.

This should do what you want. One of the selling sites has a mechanical drawing of the part that is sufficient to make one.

LJ12A3-4-Z.fzpz (4.6 KB)